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Rag Quilt – A Beautiful Pattern available FREE

Sewing Rag Quilt is fast and fun and the effect is cheerful and beautiful. That’s the pattern we’ve brought you today. They are perfect for winter blankets. In fact, they were basically created with the aim of keeping warm in the long winters. About the fabrics, in this pattern you do want to make sure […]

Quilted Pillow using Half Square Triangles

Today’s craft is a quilted pillow using half-square triangles. It is a wonderful piece for your decor. Looks great on the sofa, on top of the bed. They bring a lot of beauty and harmonize the environment. In addition to being a very versatile piece, you can use the most varied fabrics, prints and colors. […]

Pastel Crib Quilt – A Wonderful Pattern

Babies are the celebration of life and nothing better than leaving everything prepared and ready for their arrival, that’s why we brought you the Pastel Crib Quilt. A beautiful idea for you to make the baby’s room more cozy and charming, whether for you, to gift friends or to sell. The colors used in the […]

Gingham Baby Quilt Tutorial

Today’s Quilt is for little ones, the Gingham Baby Quilt. In addition to being fun and very beautiful, patchwork is a technique that helps to develop creativity. Need to relax and have a hobby to unleash your imagination? Then you’re in the right place. Another advantage of this type of sewing is the possibility of […]

Cactus Pot Quilt Block Pattern

Today we have flowers to compose our block quilt, the classic Cactus Pot Block Quilt. This beautiful design is very versatile and looks great in many environments. One of the advantages of blocks is that you can make several of the same pattern and sew them together, forming a beautiful quilt. Another way to use […]

Thankful Quilt Pattern

Here’s another patchwork job with a totally charming pattern, the Thankful Quilt. This design is not the easiest, but with attention and dedication, you will be able to do it. It is a very colorful piece that brings a lot of joy and a unique touch to the environment. Like the other quilts, it is […]

Jelly Roll Jam II Quilt Pattern

Hi! Ready to fall in love with yet another quilt pattern? What we’re going to introduce you to today is Jelly Roll Jam II. Another beautiful patchwork work that makes all the difference in the environment. It is a very colorful piece made with various fabric scraps with very different prints as well. As the […]

Chandelier Quilt Pattern

The chandelier quilt pattern is very beautiful and we brought it to you today. If you’ve fallen in love with it just like us, but don’t have experience in this type of work yet, don’t worry. This design is beginner level. This model allows a huge variation of colors. Even keeping the same pattern, each […]

Easy X and O Quilt Pattern

The quilt pattern we brought you today is the X and O. It’s a very pretty quilt that has the traditional name Paths to Piece. You can meet the same quilt by Hugs and Kisses pattern. This quilt may look complicated, but it’s totally a scrappy four patch, and super quick using precuts. Depending on […]

Quilt Pattern – The Secret Garden

Are we going to start the year by renovating the decor in the rooms? For this we have brought the pattern of this beautiful secret garden quilt. We are sure you will love it. It’s a very beautiful design. I know this may seem like a difficult piece to make, but believe me, it’s not. […]