Chandelier Quilt Pattern

The chandelier quilt pattern is very beautiful and we brought it to you today. If you’ve fallen in love with it just like us, but don’t have experience in this type of work yet, don’t worry. This design is beginner level. This model allows a huge variation of colors. Even keeping the same pattern, each quilt will be unique. You can enjoy themed prints for special dates.

The shapes used to build this quilt are simple and easy to cut. They are straight-line squares and rectangles. You can use precuts or cut your own designs. The background of most chandelier quilts is made with lighter colors such as white. This makes the colors of the cutouts that form the chandelier stand out in the piece. Colors are a very particular taste, so don’t think twice about using your favorites.

Using the same color in different shades is always a good option too. You should always keep in mind the environment in which you are going to use the piece. If it’s in the bedroom, see the environment and be inspired by colors that will make your work stand out. A quilt like this looks beautiful if used in the living room too. Did you feel a chill in the middle of a movie? Always nice to have such a wonderful quilt on hand.

Chandelier Quilt

Chandelier Quilt Pattern

Crafts have gained more value in recent times, so if you are thinking of making and selling them, I’m sure they will be very well accepted by family and friends. Here goes the materials needed to do the quilt:

- 2 charm packs or 7 fat quarters or scraps;- 3 yards of cream background fabric;- 4 yards of backing fabric;- 5/8 yard of binding fabric;- 68” x 68” bating;- Scissors;- Measuring Tape;- Iron.

When finished, the block will measure 8 ½” x 8 ½”. When sewn together, the quilt will end up being 60″x 60″. You can find all the pattern available at Lella Boutique.

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