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Elephant and Baby Quilt Pattern

Hello my loves! Our first meeting this year. How are you? On vacation, getting back to routine? Here we are back to normal, we say goodbye to the family and return to reality. Written goals and objectives and an amazing year full of new opportunities ahead. But one thing doesn’t change, our handicraft. I hope […]

Quilted Play Mat – Free Pattern

Hi loves! Another day, another quilt. I think we can get used to it by now, right? Each quilt we share has a detail, some valuable tip that can help you in other projects. Stay with us until the end and discover today’s news. The Quilted Play Mat is that quilt that was not made […]

Minimal Triangles Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! How is your week going? We hope all is well and you are making beautiful pieces. We always think of you when we find and test a new pattern. Everything worked? Time to share another model with you. Today will be the Minimal Triangles Quilt. It’s a simple model, but it’s still amazing. […]

Strip Tube Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Quilts are always very versatile items that make a big difference in the environment, with the Strip Tube Quilt it couldn’t be different. A beautiful design and full of delicacy. It looks like you will cut triangles, but you will only need to cut strips to assemble the entire quilt. If you […]

Baby Dresden Block Quilt – Free Pattern

Come check out this beautiful quilt pattern, the Baby Dresden Block Quilt. This quilt is very delicate and charming. You can see that the details of the bedspread are not big, but full of charm. It may look like appliqués, but it’s not. To make this quilt you will make blocks, one by one, individually, […]

Pastel Crib Quilt – A Wonderful Pattern

Babies are the celebration of life and nothing better than leaving everything prepared and ready for their arrival, that’s why we brought you the Pastel Crib Quilt. A beautiful idea for you to make the baby’s room more cozy and charming, whether for you, to gift friends or to sell. The colors used in the […]

Gingham Baby Quilt Tutorial

Today’s Quilt is for little ones, the Gingham Baby Quilt. In addition to being fun and very beautiful, patchwork is a technique that helps to develop creativity. Need to relax and have a hobby to unleash your imagination? Then you’re in the right place. Another advantage of this type of sewing is the possibility of […]

Baby Quilt Patterns – The Cutest Ones

To make patchwork quilts you will only need to work with patience and great care, as it is very simple. It doesn’t have many secrets and with fabric scraps plus some sewing techniques, a lot of patience and dedication are possible to develop beautiful baby quilt. Patchwork is a very beautiful and delicate art, but […]