Thankful Quilt Pattern

Here’s another patchwork job with a totally charming pattern, the Thankful Quilt. This design is not the easiest, but with attention and dedication, you will be able to do it. It is a very colorful piece that brings a lot of joy and a unique touch to the environment. Like the other quilts, it is a very versatile piece that you can use in any environment, living room, bedroom, children’s playroom.

Also use as a decorative piece, as a detail on top of the living room armchair, everyone will love it. You will need at least 7 fabrics of different colors and prints. The time to choose fabrics is a great opportunity to leave the piece with its characteristics. In the pattern you can find the prints used in the piece. Feel free to do exactly the same or opt for other combinations that you prefer.

If the quilt is for yourself and you already know where you are going to use it, match the colors with the environment and give it the touch of sophistication it needs. The assembly of the quilt is done in blocks. You will assemble the four parts of the star and, in the end, sew them together. Remember to always make a mark on the fabric, use the back of the piece so as not to smear your print.

Thankful Quilt Pattern

Thankful Pattern

The required measurements of each print and color are available below. If you already have a piece of fabric at home, it’s a great opportunity to use it. See if it matches the others you are going to use and go for it.

A: ⅞ ydB: ⅞ yd C: ½ yd D: ½ yd E: 1⅝ yd F: 2¼ yd G: 1⅛ yd H: 2½ yd
Thankful Diagram – Jessica Switf

Following the pattern, in the end you will have a beautiful piece measuring 88″x 88″.

This beautiful piece was created by Jessica Swift and is part of her collection. The pattern you can find and download for free at My Favorite Quilt Store. We hope you will be as enchanted by this pattern as we are and will be inspired to make new pieces.

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