Cactus Pot Quilt Block Pattern

Today we have flowers to compose our block quilt, the classic Cactus Pot Block Quilt. This beautiful design is very versatile and looks great in many environments. One of the advantages of blocks is that you can make several of the same pattern and sew them together, forming a beautiful quilt. Another way to use this block is to make a pillow.

To compose the environment, how about making several blocks using different colors of fabric to make the cactus? This way you will have several pillows with a different touch on each. It will rock the decor and will definitely be the highlight of the environment. And that’s the good thing about crafts, you’ll have unique pieces, made by you. A great gift option too, whoever receives it will love it!

Here we always like to remind you that the time dedicated to these activities should be put to good use. Many people take this time to relax, as if it were therapy. If it’s like that for you too, don’t do it anyway to finish as soon as possible. Pay attention and care in choosing fabrics. Cut and assemble the block, I’m sure like us, you will be very proud to complete this beautiful block.

Cactus Block Pattern

Cactus Pot Quilt Block

The pattern is for beginners, so if you’ve never done anything patchwork, why not start with this beautiful cactus? You will be enchanted by your quilt block. The necessary materials are the basic ones too, scissors, fabrics, sewing thread, sewing machine, tape measure. To do this pattern, you will need three different fabrics. One for the cactus, one for the pot and one for the background. We suggest at least one with flower prints.

Cactus Pattern

The Cactus Pot Quilt Block is a classic design. You can find the complete pattern, with step by step and photos of the process at Free Patterns from Sophie Junction. We hope you have the best time doing this art, go ahead!

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