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Elephant and Baby Quilt Pattern

Hello my loves! Our first meeting this year. How are you? On vacation, getting back to routine? Here we are back to normal, we say goodbye to the family and return to reality. Written goals and objectives and an amazing year full of new opportunities ahead. But one thing doesn’t change, our handicraft. I hope […]

Nearly Insane Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Ready for another amazing project? Today we brought a Christmas model. We know it’s still a while, but there’s no way not to get infected with the atmosphere that already takes over the stores, the streets and the people. It’s a very significant date, so it gets all this commotion. And for […]

Balsam Gnomes Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Ready to spend another week here with us? Our team has put together beautiful patterns and we look forward to sharing them all with you. Have you started to feel a different atmosphere around there too? Here we are already feeling Christmas coming and for you to feel it too, stay here […]

Firework Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey dears! It’s time to start making beautiful crafts to make the environments we live in even more beautiful and colorful. We are very excited to share yet another amazing pattern with you, like the Firework Quilt. Before we start quilting, let’s talk? How is everything there? Are you managing to take time to practice […]

Folded Star – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Ready to learn a new pattern with us? For today we separate the Folded Star, an incredible and very beautiful pattern. Look how amazing this star is, colorful and with different prints, it matches the environment and makes everything more beautiful. In the pattern, you have the suggestion to use the folded […]

Spinning Star Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! We hope to find you all well. We are so happy to have you here in this space that we do with great affection to share the best patterns with you. Knowing that you remember us, looking for us to learn is very gratifying. Now, shall we quilt? The Spinning Star Quilt is […]

Scrappy Hunter’s Star – Free Pattern

Scrappy Hunter’s Star. Hello my loves, ready to quilt some more? We are sure that you will be inspired by the pattern that our team has separated for you. Each quilt has a different detail, a technique, a combination of colors and prints that makes it a unique, special piece. That’s why we always remind […]

Double Windmill Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi everybody! What a pleasure to meet you here once again. Every new pattern we share here, we are excited and anxious to know what you guys think. We hope to be able to encourage you and bring you more and more desire to learn. The Double Windmill Quilt is yet another amazing pattern. Full […]

Rainbow Bargello Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi everybody! Another week that we will spend together learning a lot of beautiful things and we couldn’t be happier. We separated beautiful patterns to share with you. Pieces you can make to use at home, sell, give as gifts. Let’s start by learning the Rainbow Bargello Quilt. This quilt is very pretty and fun. […]

Minimal Triangles Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! How is your week going? We hope all is well and you are making beautiful pieces. We always think of you when we find and test a new pattern. Everything worked? Time to share another model with you. Today will be the Minimal Triangles Quilt. It’s a simple model, but it’s still amazing. […]