Crochet Pattern

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Single Crochet Variations

Hey everyone, nice to meet you around here. Having you here means that, like us, you are passionate about crafts and want to learn a new pattern. And that’s what you’ll find here, ideas, news and instructions to guide you through many projects. First of all, I hope to find them well, healthy and eager […]

Corner to Corner Stitch

Hi everyone, ready to learn something new? I hope you’re as excited as we are to keep learning. We can never stop, otherwise we get discouraged and that is never good. When we learn something new, in addition to feeling better, we stimulate our brain, our memory, and we have a new craft item. Today […]

Crochet Ribbon Stitch

Hi dear colleagues, what a pleasure to have you here with us. Our team, here at Instaquilting, is always looking for new patterns. In addition to the tests, being able to share with you and have your feedback is really cool. One of the favorite techniques around here is crocheting, and we love crocheting. So […]

Crochet Tiger Hat – Free Pattern

Hello everyone, good to see you here. Every time we meet, we learn new wonderful tips and ideas. You may have already realized that handicrafts are increasingly present in our daily lives. More and more people started to practice, from all age groups. And that’s great, more creative people making beautiful items and spreading the […]