Crochet Tiger Hat – Free Pattern

Hello everyone, good to see you here. Every time we meet, we learn new wonderful tips and ideas. You may have already realized that handicrafts are increasingly present in our daily lives. More and more people started to practice, from all age groups. And that’s great, more creative people making beautiful items and spreading the craft even more.

How about we make a hat for the little ones? The Crochet Tiger Hat is the cutest thing. Look how cute it looks on the little ones. Sometimes they don’t really like to leave the hat on their head, but this one has creative details, they stay entertained and don’t take it off their mind. And yes, all of this is done with crochet, our favorite technique.

The caps complement the look with a lot of style, in addition to, of course, reinforcing thermal comfort, making everyone warmer. Crochet caps are practically unanimity and the reason for all this success is that they go with everything and cater to a wide range of audiences. Nowadays it is very easy to find models of crochet caps for babies, of all models to please all tastes.

Come check the pattern // Repeat Crafter Me

For this pattern you need the basic materials, nothing different from what we are used to. There are several types of crochet thread on the market that vary both in color and thickness. To find the right model for you, keep in mind the shape and texture you want. For a crochet cap with more open stitches, opt for soft yarn threads, for a more closed cap, the ideal is to use thicker threads.

Remember that it is an item for the little ones, choose the appropriate yarn for them. Those who are mothers and fathers know how important it is to have a children’s crochet cap always available in the closet to help protect the little ones from the cold and wind.

Without further ado, let’s learn how to crochet a tiger hat? In the pattern you will find the measures. If you need to increase, make this decision in the first rows. You can measure around the little one’s head to make sure it won’t be uncomfortable. Did you like it? Tell us here in the comments.

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