Free Quilt Patterns

Carpenter Star Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Ready for another productive week? We are already here with several patterns separated and ready to share with you. So you can choose the ones you like the most. I know it’s a lot, but it’s better to have several options. Come start the week with Carpenter Star. Look at that beautiful […]

Balsam Gnomes Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Ready to spend another week here with us? Our team has put together beautiful patterns and we look forward to sharing them all with you. Have you started to feel a different atmosphere around there too? Here we are already feeling Christmas coming and for you to feel it too, stay here […]

Spinning Star Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! We hope to find you all well. We are so happy to have you here in this space that we do with great affection to share the best patterns with you. Knowing that you remember us, looking for us to learn is very gratifying. Now, shall we quilt? The Spinning Star Quilt is […]

Cat and Bird Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Come fall in love with a new quilt together with us. The Cat and Bird Quilt is another amazing model and if you like cats, you’ll want to start quilting right now. It is a quilt full of details, so you will need more time and patience to complete the quilt. But the […]

Peaches & Cream Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi loves! What a pleasure to meet you here. We are very happy to have your company and to be able to share so many beautiful things that different artisans make available to us. It’s every amazing pattern that we love and test that we’re bringing you little by little. Today we are going to […]

4-Patch Heart Mini Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! Ready to learn another amazing pattern with us? We hope so, lots of beautiful ideas to inspire you. Today couldn’t be different, let’s learn the 4-Patch Heart. You can use this is a mini quilt as a centerpiece, wall decoration. It looks amazing and makes everything even better. If you still don’t know […]

Double Windmill Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi everybody! What a pleasure to meet you here once again. Every new pattern we share here, we are excited and anxious to know what you guys think. We hope to be able to encourage you and bring you more and more desire to learn. The Double Windmill Quilt is yet another amazing pattern. Full […]

Terrarium Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi loves! So grateful to see you here once again. We are very happy to be able to share beautiful craft patterns with you. Seeking to inspire you to make new pieces to decorate the house, let’s learn how to make the Terrarium Quilt together. Look how beautiful this quilt is. With different prints that […]

Rainbow Bargello Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi everybody! Another week that we will spend together learning a lot of beautiful things and we couldn’t be happier. We separated beautiful patterns to share with you. Pieces you can make to use at home, sell, give as gifts. Let’s start by learning the Rainbow Bargello Quilt. This quilt is very pretty and fun. […]

Double Hourglass Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi loves! It is always very gratifying to come back here and find you telling us about your experiences with crafts, with the patterns that we share here. That’s why we’re always anxious when we separate a new model. Today we are going to learn a new quilt model, the Double Hourglass. To make this […]