Winter Mini Quilt – Free Pattern

Today we have another pattern, quick and beautiful to make, the Winter Mini Quilt. We are completely in love with this pattern. The design of the piece gives the impression of Portuguese tiles, very common in kitchen decoration. As you can see in the photo, a great option is to leave the mini quilt on a support and use it to decorate your kitchen or gourmet area.

But not only in these rooms, mini quilts are very versatile. You can use in the decoration of offices, waiting rooms, offices. So, it’s a great selling option and gift for dear friends. If you have a friend who is starting a business,you can do the decoration with your mini quilts. For this pattern, the color chosen by the design was blue, prints in shades of blue and white.

As you already know, this is very personal and you can choose the colors and prints that suit you best. The complete winter mini quilt pattern is available at All People Quilt, with step by step, measurements and diagrams to understand how to assemble the mini quilt. For this project, you will need the materials described after the photo.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

Materials Needed:

  • 6—5″ squares assorted medium blue prints (blocks, sashing);
  • 1/4 yard solid cream (blocks, sashing);
  • 4—5″ squares assorted light blue prints (blocks);
  • 4—5″ squares assorted dark blue prints (blocks);
  • 1/4 yard solid black (binding);
  • 16″ square backing;
  • 16″ square batting.

Just come with us to learn more and more about this technique that enchants everyone. Each project is a therapy session. As soon as we’re done, we bring the pattern for you to also have the opportunity to make such beautiful things. Leave your opinion, suggestion here in the comments. We always look forward to reading everything. Now enough talking, let’s quilt!

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