English Paper Piecing – Quilt Pattern

Hello my loved ones! How are you? We hope to find you all well, excited for another week full of amazing new patterns and for all tastes. English Paper Piecing by designer Debby Kratovil is amazing, a slightly different way of doing it, which you might like. You can make many different color combinations, enjoy patterned fabrics too. The size of the piece depends a lot on what you intend to make.

For a quilt, you need a larger size that will cover the entire bed. Make more flowers and have a background that complements the colors but highlights the flowers you make. For a thinner table runner, exclude the leaves and keep only the flowers. This way the table runner is thinner and doesn’t occupy the entire width of the table. Table centerpieces are made in many sizes, add some flowers and make a beautiful piece.

How about a pillow cover with this flower to complement the decoration of the environment? One more option that you can make from the same pattern. You saw that with a little creativity, you can vary the same pattern and have the most varied pieces for your home. The required fabric sizes are also not large. If you have scraps left over from other projects, use them to make a flower.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Quilter by Desing

So you save a little and still get to reuse the fabric. Don’t forget to use the back of the fabric to make the markings. After all, you don’t want any risk in your work. And choose fabrics that are quality to enhance your work. The english paper piecing pattern is available at Quilter by Design. Take advantage of all the tips that are there, it will make your work easier.

Be very proud of every piece you make. You dedicate time, attention and affection to each of them. Whether for you, to sell, to gift a dear person, we are sure it will be a hit. Tell us what you think, we are happy with your feedback. And if you have a piece you want to learn, tell us here too. We always want to encourage you to continue creating very beautiful pieces. ready? Let’s quilt!

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