Gingham Baby Quilt Tutorial

Today’s Quilt is for little ones, the Gingham Baby Quilt. In addition to being fun and very beautiful, patchwork is a technique that helps to develop creativity. Need to relax and have a hobby to unleash your imagination? Then you’re in the right place. Another advantage of this type of sewing is the possibility of using scraps.

Why discard them when you can create a new, unique and beautiful piece with the scraps? Patchwork is an art, so it’s a lot of fun to compose your own pieces. Let the creativity flow and create pieces that show that they are your works of art. These details are perceived through the color palette, the finish, the edges of the piece. Anyway, I know you will be able to leave your mark on this beautiful quilt.

Generally, baby clothes are washed frequently. So, when choosing fabrics, make sure they are of good quality. Good fabrics guarantee a beautiful piece for longer. Prints and colors that do not fade or deform over time. We always recommend washing the fabric before starting to quilt, this way you can make sure the fabrics you use don’t stain each other. Iron the fabric, leaving it smooth and ready to start quilting.

Gingham Baby Quilt

Gingham Baby Quilt Pattern

The materials you will need are basics:

  • Gingham fabric (1 yard);
  • Solid cotton or print (1 yard);
  • Cut of cotton quilt batting (45 x 36 inches) (1 yard);
  • 2 – 3 yd packs of quilt binding bias tape (or regular double fold for a thinner option);
  • Small safety pins;
  • Quilter’s clips;
  • Matching or contrasting thread;
  • Basic sewing supplies;
  • Walking foot.
Materials – Baby Quilt

You can find the pattern at Delia Creates. The Gingham Baby Quilt is charming and will make your baby’s room even more beautiful. It is also a beautiful gift option for newborns. Come on, it’s quilting time!

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