Car Vision Organizer – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! We hope to find you all well, with a lot of desire to create unique and beautiful pieces. Here we look for the best, most complete and, preferably, free patterns. We were very happy to be able to have this space and this interaction with you. We hope you can feel it from the other side. Today we bring you Car Vision Organizer. A very different pattern, which you may not have seen around, but it is very useful.

Most people like to carry all their important items in their car so they have everything within reach as soon as they need it. Thinking about not leaving everything messy and making it easy to find what you need, this pattern comes to help you on a daily basis. You can make it in different colors, combine different prints and reuse scraps from other projects.

The pattern is simple to make, but it’s not the easiest of all the seams we’ve already brought here. Before you think it’s not for you, look at the pattern a first time. Understand what he asks for, how the seams are made and then move on to action. One of the most difficult parts for many people is sewing the zipper on the pieces. Follow the step by step, see the designer’s tips and the needles recommended by them.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Sew Can She

All this will help you to solve this problem and soon, you will no longer have this fear. Don’t forget to take the measurements on your car before you start making the cuts, to make sure it will work. It’s a great option to gift a friend. It is useful and so, by word of mouth, the advertising is being made and soon you will have new orders. Once it starts for most people, it’s not the plan to sell. When the orders come in, you’re earning extra money.

You can find the complete pattern of the car vision organizer at sew can she. There she has all the steps, measurements and fabrics that the designer used. If you have any doubts, you know you can count on us. The comments box is free for you, for suggestions, doubts and leave your opinion too. It’s a beautiful project to start the week. Count on us to make a fun week full of crafts. Let’s quilt!

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