Spider Web Quilt Along – Free Pattern

How about we get in the Halloween mood? That’s the Spider Web Quilt Along vibe. A very different and beautiful model to leave your home decorated for this occasion. In addition, a quilt always comes very well in everyday life. You are in the mood of the thematic date and still have a piece made by you to decorate your home. Not to mention that it is a model that sells very well.

Most thematic patterns have a different appeal to the audience. They are unique pieces that I can’t say no. If you are starting now to quilting, stay here with us and we will give you all the instructions and tips. As with other quilts, you will need basic materials. Sewing machine, fabric, pins, threads, scissors, tape measure. The choice of fabrics can confuse you a little at first.

We are afraid that the colors and prints do not match, but in this quilt you can choose themed prints or halloween colors. “For your fabric squares, use a mix of lights to darks, small to medium prints” is the suggestion of the quilt designer. It’s amazing right? They are different combinations that make all the difference in the final piece. When choosing fabrics, choose quality materials that emphasize your work and all the time you dedicate.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Life in the Scrapatch

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive in the store, but it should be resistant, withstand a few washes and maintain the beauty and color of the quilt. We separate the amount of fabric needed to make the spider web along quilt:

  • 168 square 2.5″
  • 21 are needed for each of eight sections
  • 2 yards of black fabric for web, backing and binding
  • 40″ square of batting
  • Quilt Finishes at about 34″ point to point.

Don’t be in a hurry to finish the quilt, do it slowly and dedicate yourself to each step. Take advantage of this moment and don’t compare your process with other people’s. If it didn’t work the first time, take it apart and try again. If you are tired, without patience, don’t sew. Wait to get in the mood, get excited to start quilting. We show all this in our work. We want you to have fun, enjoy the quilting. If you have any doubts or suggestions, let us know in the comments.

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