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Heart to Heart Quilting Pattern

Hi everyone! Looking for a new pattern? Know that you are in the right place. We make a point of bringing you many options so that you can choose as you wish. Then just separate the materials and go to the most fun part, quilting. Today we are bringing a mini quilt, the Heart to […]

Nearly Insane Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Ready for another amazing project? Today we brought a Christmas model. We know it’s still a while, but there’s no way not to get infected with the atmosphere that already takes over the stores, the streets and the people. It’s a very significant date, so it gets all this commotion. And for […]

Sewing Undercover – Free Pattern

Hey my loves! Another week starting and we are already full of news to share with you. How are you? Did you enjoy the weekend? We hope so, that all of you are well and with the energy recharged to make this amazing week. For starters, come learn Sewing Undercover. It’s a very cool pattern, […]

Folded Star – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Ready to learn a new pattern with us? For today we separate the Folded Star, an incredible and very beautiful pattern. Look how amazing this star is, colorful and with different prints, it matches the environment and makes everything more beautiful. In the pattern, you have the suggestion to use the folded […]

Spinning Star Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! We hope to find you all well. We are so happy to have you here in this space that we do with great affection to share the best patterns with you. Knowing that you remember us, looking for us to learn is very gratifying. Now, shall we quilt? The Spinning Star Quilt is […]

Scrappy Hunter’s Star – Free Pattern

Scrappy Hunter’s Star. Hello my loves, ready to quilt some more? We are sure that you will be inspired by the pattern that our team has separated for you. Each quilt has a different detail, a technique, a combination of colors and prints that makes it a unique, special piece. That’s why we always remind […]

Weave Star – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! We were so happy to have you here. Knowing that you come to us to learn new pieces makes us very grateful. Today our team separated the Weave Star, an incredible block that you will be able to place and create beautiful pieces. Because it is a block, many people like to put […]

Red White and Blue Mini Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Are we going to spend another week together learning a lot of beautiful things? Our team separated beautiful quilts and techniques for us to learn together. Let’s start by making the Red White and Blue Mini Quilt, a beautiful pattern full of details that will delight you. In the quilt, the colors chosen […]

4-Patch Heart Mini Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! Ready to learn another amazing pattern with us? We hope so, lots of beautiful ideas to inspire you. Today couldn’t be different, let’s learn the 4-Patch Heart. You can use this is a mini quilt as a centerpiece, wall decoration. It looks amazing and makes everything even better. If you still don’t know […]

Fall Cat Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Another day, another pattern. We hope you are already getting used to our rhythm. We like to bring you different options so you never run out of a new craft. There are different techniques, models, patterns and tips that help us to keep evolving. Fall Cat is a very cute, delicate quilt […]