Scrappy Hunter’s Star – Free Pattern

Scrappy Hunter’s Star. Hello my loves, ready to quilt some more? We are sure that you will be inspired by the pattern that our team has separated for you. Each quilt has a different detail, a technique, a combination of colors and prints that makes it a unique, special piece. That’s why we always remind you to value your work. If you are going to sell the piece, charge the fair price, it was your time and quality materials invested.

Now let’s talk a little about scrappy hunter’s star quilt. It’s a mix of many colors and prints, but you can still see the stars throughout the quilt. This quilt is also made in blocks, which means you can make it in stages. If your week is very busy but you don’t want to stop practicing, separate the materials for a block and do it. Take it easy, that’s how it is.

But only practice makes us evolve, perfect our sewing and manage to make increasingly difficult patterns. With quilts we make the environment more beautiful, colorful and cozy. Enjoy and use this piece in various environments, even more in the colder seasons. There is no one who can resist snuggling up in a beautiful and comfortable quilt during a movie, having a coffee or reading a book.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Hopefuul Homemaker

So if you sell the pieces you make, take advantage of the colder seasons to offer and make great sales. You can assemble kits with pillow covers together, with similar tones or patterns. Shall we quilt? Today’s quilt pattern is available at Hopefull Homemaker. TYou will have acess to all the steps with details and instructions that will guide you through the entire project.

Better than that, you have pictures of the steps, so it’s easier to check if you sewed on the right side. After reading the entire pattern, if you have any doubts, ask us here in the comments. Our team is ready and has already tested this quilt too. Did you like it? Let’s quilt. Whether for you, for sale or as a gift, this quilt is a hit!

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