Maypole Floor Pillow – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! Ready to learn a little more? We are very happy to know that you remember us when you want to learn a different craft. Not everyone brings a very different technique, but everyone has a touch, a tip from the artisan that makes all the difference. Today we want to share the Maypole Floor Pillow. Pillows are basically a great option for anyone looking for a way to update their home decor quickly and affordably.

With different prints and formats, they guarantee personality to a room and can be the missing touch for the space to gain even more life and charm. The use of pillows is not limited to the sofa. You can use it in armchairs, beds, poufs or in any other cozy corner of the house. For apartments with a balcony or houses with a garden, their use in these environments makes them much more inviting. A floor cushion is a large cushion that sits on the floor.

You can use it as a decoration or a seat. It can also provide support, for a yoga session or even for a movie afternoon with the family. Floor cushions are suitable for people who want to decorate a room or need support but have limited space. Whether for yoga or meditation, floor pillows are a good alternative to mats. Floor pads are also ideal for people who have pets and are looking for something more elegant for a living room, for example.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Suzy Quilts

As it is a support, the padding must be strong enough to be stable and to be able to use the cushion on the floor. For this reason, foam is the most popular filling as it regains its original shape and is more durable. If you want to use floor cushions to sit on, for example when you have visitors at home, you should take into account that they are usually larger. If you don’t want them in the living room all the time, you should consider where to store them when you don’t need them.

The maypole floor pillow pattern is available at Suzy Quilts. There you will find all the step by step, material suggestions and cutting and sewing tips. You can create new combinations of fabrics and prints. Use the environment as an inspiration to choose the colors of the fabrics. We hope you like it and take the opportunity to create beautiful pieces from this pattern. Tell us everything here in the comments.

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