4-Patch Heart Mini Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! Ready to learn another amazing pattern with us? We hope so, lots of beautiful ideas to inspire you. Today couldn’t be different, let’s learn the 4-Patch Heart. You can use this is a mini quilt as a centerpiece, wall decoration. It looks amazing and makes everything even better. If you still don’t know this piece, stay here with us to learn together.

This mini quilt comes with lots of hearts, a very delicate decoration to make the environment even more cozy. Have you ever thought about decorating the children’s room with a mini quilt? I’m sure your princess will love this pattern. There are four small blocks, each with a heart, sewn together with colorful rows that complement the mini quilt. We’ve all sewn quilt blocks that aren’t quite accurate.

Most often, they’re smaller than they should be, perhaps because we’ve either sewn a slightly large quarter inch seam allowance or haven’t adequately pressed. Don’t feel discouraged if that happens to you, because a high percentage of ‘off’ quilt blocks can be rescued. This mini quilt is made from a kit with the cutouts in pre-determined colors and prints. You can make your own color choices too.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Therm o Web

Don’t forget to choose quality fabrics. You don’t have to choose the most expensive fabrics, but also don’t choose fabrics that won’t withstand the first wash. Understanding color value is just as important as understanding the color wheel, maybe even more so, but it’s essential to learn as much as you can about each of those elements. We all make errors, both technical and in our choice of fabrics, but our boo-boos nearly always lead to a better understanding of the quilting process.

Are we going to quilt? The 4-Patch heart mini quilt is available from Therm o Web. You will have access to step by step, measurements, cutting, assembly and sewing tips. If you have any doubts, you know you can ask us here in the comments. Did you like it? We hope this pattern inspires you, helps you create new pieces and encourages you to quilt!

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