Calippo Quilt Pattern

Calippo Quilt, shall we learn? This is another beautiful pattern that our team separated to share with you. An incredible quilt, colorful and with details that make your work even more special. It’s not a very difficult quilt to make, and when you see the step by step, you’ll understand every step. Even using several prints and colors, you can see that each one of them has a delicate gradient.

So you can use scraps of fabric left over from other projects. An excellent opportunity to save and recycle fabrics. You can choose a background for the quilt like the pattern, a darker shade of grey. It’s easier to highlight all the other details, just don’t choose too dark colors. To make this quilt you don’t need a lot of practice. The step by step is well described and easy to understand.

But if you have any doubts, our team is here to help you. The key to this quilt is the fabric selection of light, medium and dark fabrics. This quilt would look amazing in florals, solids and even christmas fabric. Once you piece the strips, make sure you give it a good iron before cutting. It’s much easier to sew when we have a very straight fabric, you’ll see.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Free Bird Quilting Designs

With a little time and patience, you’ll rock too. You know that the quilt can be an excellent gift option for loved ones, or sell and have that extra income at the end of the month. If it’s for yourself, we’re sure your home will be even more beautiful and cozy. The calippo quilt pattern is available at Free Bird Quilting Designs. In the pattern you will have a better description of the materials, but if you are already used to quilting, it’s the basics.

Fabric, thread, tape measure, sewing machine, scissors, pins and markers. Always separate and make sure you have everything there at your fingertips before starting to quilt. Nobody deserves to have to stop in the middle of the pattern to run around the store. We are very happy and grateful to know that you are looking for us to learn new models. ready? Let’s quilt!

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