Terrarium Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi loves! So grateful to see you here once again. We are very happy to be able to share beautiful craft patterns with you. Seeking to inspire you to make new pieces to decorate the house, let’s learn how to make the Terrarium Quilt together. Look how beautiful this quilt is. With different prints that combine together and make everything even more incredible.

The trick to combine the prints and always have a color that is common to all of them, or the same pattern, the same theme, with different colors. The pattern still has an optical illusion, the way it is assembled has a beautiful effect. And the quilts look beautiful in the most diverse environments. Whether in the living room, in the bedroom, you can always combine with several pillows in colors that complete the decor.

It makes everything even more cozy, comfortable. Calls people to sit down and share good stories. To make this quilt you will need those basic materials, from all quilts. Fabrics in different colors and prints, binding fabric and backing fabric. In addition to tape measure, scissors, pins, thread and sewing machine. In this pattern, you will find the templates to print and make the markings for the clippings.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Art Gallery Fabrics

Following the instructions you will have a quilt measuring 52.5” x 60″. If you are in doubt about the markings, we always recommend doing it on the back of the fabric. As for the cutouts, always start with the largest. you can use the same piece to make the smaller cuts. The pattern we separated is available at Art Gallery Fabrics.

We recommend you read the entire Terrarium Quilt step by step before starting anything. Read the entire description of how to quilt and, if any doubts arise, let us know in the comments. We will exchange our experiences, help each other. Whether for you, to sell, to gift a dear person, this quilt will be a knockout. We hope you like it and without further ado, let’s quilt!

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