Quilted Dog Bed – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Ready for a new pattern? Today we separate the Quilted Dog Bed to share with you. Another beautiful pattern for you to sew and have beautiful results. It’s a different idea and perfect for those who have a pet. After all, they need to feel comfortable too, have a space just for them. If you want to start sewing, attaching and making a dog bed, stay here with us.

 You can choose the most different colors and prints to decorate, to make the pattern even more beautiful. When choosing materials, choose soft fabrics that are comfortable for pets. Do you have a lot of scrap left over from other projects? See the measurements that are in the pattern and take the opportunity to match the new colors. This model is incredible, a perfect piece to sell.

You can make it for your pets or as a gift to a loved one who has a pet. In a short time people will know and orders will start to arrive. And it’s always good to have that extra cash at the end of the month. Following the instructions in the pattern, you will make a 34″ x 24″ bed with three bolsters, which is perfect for a medium sized dog. But you can easily scale this project to be the perfect size for your pet.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Suzy Quilts

If you plan to make your bed in different dimensions, keep in mind that your fabric requirements and cutting directions will be different. If you are adept at scissors, consider getting a rotary cutter. You will see how much faster it is and, with the help of a ruler, the cut is even more precise. But all this is with time, if you are starting and don’t want to invest, do it with scissors. Doing it with the materials we have is much better than not doing it.

To make the Quilted Dog Bed, come check out the step by step with us at Suzy Quilts. You can follow what you are doing through the photos. It is easier to follow, check your work. But before you start doing it, read the pattern once, twice if necessary. You will see how it makes all the difference. Then tell us, here in the comments, how it was done. We’d love to hear about your progress.

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