Heart to Heart Quilting Pattern

Hi everyone! Looking for a new pattern? Know that you are in the right place. We make a point of bringing you many options so that you can choose as you wish. Then just separate the materials and go to the most fun part, quilting. Today we are bringing a mini quilt, the Heart to Heart. Such a beautiful model, colorful and with prints that only enhance each cutout.

It looks beautiful like that, you can see the details and the care taken by the designer when choosing the fabrics. The pink and purple part is not a single clipping, however it seems. They are small squares in similar tones and it looks like this, the most beautiful thing. And these patterns that ask us for small cuts are perfect for those who want to improve their techniques, because you repeat the cut and sew several times.

And it’s also great when we have scraps left over after other projects. Here at the atelier there is a box where all the scraps are placed. If you don’t have much practice, haven’t made many patterns yet, you might not believe this. But all the pieces can be reused. There’s always a pattern that matches a piece of fabric, a detail that you need to do and you think you don’t have the fabric.

Heart to Heart // Quilting Books Patterns and Notions

Moving the patchwork box, new patterns emerge, believe us. You know those recommendations that we always like to remember? Among them, in this pattern you should measure and measure again. They are small cuts, so don’t be in a hurry when marking and cutting. Here we are talking about very different colors, darker and lighter tones to have this overlay, a 3D effect. In models like this we need to wash the fabrics before starting. It’s the best way to prevent darker ink from staining lighter fabric.

By washing them you also prevent the fabric from shrinking after washing. But don’t forget to iron, leave the fabric very smooth to facilitate the next processes. So, are you going to do a heart to heart? Have you thought about where you’re going to use it? Centerpiece, table runner, decorate the wall? There are many possibilities and you can fit it into your decor without much complication. Come learn this model together with us.

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