Northern Star Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Here we are, together once more. And if we’re here, you already know, a new standard is coming. It’s amazing the amount of models we found. One quilt is more amazing than the other. We like to share comforters in every color, made in every way, to make sure you like one […]

Nearly Insane Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Ready for another amazing project? Today we brought a Christmas model. We know it’s still a while, but there’s no way not to get infected with the atmosphere that already takes over the stores, the streets and the people. It’s a very significant date, so it gets all this commotion. And for […]

Alvena’s Applique Christmas Quilt

Hello my loves! You have already noticed that around here we are already in the Christmas mood, right? We’ve separated so many amazing models that you won’t know which one to choose. But why choose if you can do all the patterns? But don’t despair, we still have time. Alvena’s Applique Christmas Quilt is amazing, […]

Quilted Play Mat – Free Pattern

Hi loves! Another day, another quilt. I think we can get used to it by now, right? Each quilt we share has a detail, some valuable tip that can help you in other projects. Stay with us until the end and discover today’s news. The Quilted Play Mat is that quilt that was not made […]

Journeys Fat Quarter Quilt for Christmas

Hey loves! Ready to start another week together with us? We have a lot of beautiful patterns that our team has put together. We want to share them with you. I already let you know that we get into the Christmas mood here. We know we’re not past halloween yet, but it’s impossible not to […]

Picnic Play Throw Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! What a pleasure to have you here with us for another week. Another month has ended and each time we are getting closer to the end of another year. It seems like it went by very fast around here, how was it for you? I think there are so many quilts to […]

Chocolate & Cherries Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Good to have you here with us again. We are very excited to have you to share patterns, new ideas and experiences to keep us inspired and willing to quilt. Today it couldn’t be different, Chocolate & Cherries is another incredible model to make the environment even more charming. Whether in the […]

Firework Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey dears! It’s time to start making beautiful crafts to make the environments we live in even more beautiful and colorful. We are very excited to share yet another amazing pattern with you, like the Firework Quilt. Before we start quilting, let’s talk? How is everything there? Are you managing to take time to practice […]

Bargello Music Quilt – Free Pattern

Bargello Music Quilt. Hello my loves! Another incredible day, another pattern to learn. Today we separate a new quilt, colorful and very beautiful. The Bargello Music Quilt is a very different and fun pattern, which needs a little calm to make and have a beautiful result. For this quilt, three colors were chosen, white, red […]

Calippo Quilt Pattern

Calippo Quilt, shall we learn? This is another beautiful pattern that our team separated to share with you. An incredible quilt, colorful and with details that make your work even more special. It’s not a very difficult quilt to make, and when you see the step by step, you’ll understand every step. Even using several […]