Ava Kate Daydreams Quilt

Ava Kate Daydreams Quilt, an incredible and charming work, perfect to decorate the environment in an incredible way. In the decoration of the room, this quilt can leave the atmosphere cheerful and creative, as well as very stylish. It is worth making pieces of this type that make us proud of our skills, as they do not give us a feeling of satisfaction. Very well explained in the tutorial, this work was done with material easily found in craft stores.

The colors of your quilt, as always, will depend on your taste. Choose yours according to the decoration of the room or room in which you intend to place it. Practical, this type of quilt leaves the house always well prepared to receive your visits with a different hello. It is an excellent product option for sales because it is a different piece and requires time to be made.

Certainly when doing your job you usually have a lot of doubts about how it is the best way to do a perfect job, we know how boring these doubts are. But with love and patience it is possible to do incredible jobs.

Ava Kate Daydreams Quilt

Pattern/Images/Tutorial By: Material Girls Quilt

Before You Begin The Pattern:

  1. Please read through all of the instructions.
  2. All seam allowances are 1/4 ”.
  3. RST means right sides together.
  4. HST means half square triangle.

Here Are The Cutting Instructions:

NOTE: The Dream Weaver stackers contains at least two (2) squares from each print. If you are using a charm pack / layer cake that does not contain multipleples for sixteen (16) different prints, you will have a scrappier version.

  1. Select sixteen (16) print square pairs (two of the same print or if you don’t have multiple, I suggest two of the same color).
  2. From the paired print squares, select one from each pairing and cut four (4) 2 ”squares {24” quilt} or four (4) 4 1/2 ”squares {64” quilt} from each.
  3. From sixteen (16) of the Riley White Solid squares, cut four (4) 2 ”
    squares {24 ”quilt} or four (4) 4 1/2” squares {64 ”quilt} from each.


24 ”Mini Quilt:
• 1 Dream Weaver 5 ”stacker
• 1 Riley White Solid 5 ”stacker
• 1 yard backing fabric
• 1/4 yard binding fabric

64 ”Throw Quilt
• 1 Dream Weaver 10 ”stacker
• 1 Riley White Solid 10 ”stacker
• 4 yards backing fabric
• 2/3 yard binding fabric


The Opinion Of Our Team

This quilt is incredibly beautiful and despite its look, it is very easy to make, believe me. You will love the way this quilt leaves the environment with a more modern and creative look, believe me, the end result of this piece is totally worth it.

Let’s make this beautiful Ava Kate Daydreams Quilt? It is very easy to do, just separate your materials and tools so that you can follow the tutorial while performing the process, so everything is easier and you do not make mistakes when making the piece !!

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