Hold Anything Tote – Quilted Bag

Reusable bags are eco-friendly and if they are as beautiful as the Hold Anything, the quilted bag can have many uses. These bags are big and you can use for grocery shopping, to take children’s toys. And, let’s face it, every woman loves a bag, right? Regardless of size, it is indispensable in everyday life. Even better is when we can make it our way.

A darling in the craft world, patchwork is a technique that unites various fabric scraps. We can use this technique in the production of various articles, when used in the production of bags, patchwork gains an even greater charm! Have you ever thought about making your own bag? Can you imagine printing your own style on this accessory of yours?

If you already do some other crafts, you can also use them to store the balls of yarn, needles, and have everything ready to take anywhere. This beautiful pattern will inspire you to have new ideas for combinations, accessories that you can add to this pattern and you will want to start producing! This finished pattern will result in a beautiful bag with the following measurements: 16×14×4″

Hold Anything Tote – Quilted Bag

Quilted Bag Tips

Crafts always have those golden tips that will make a difference at the end of your piece. We brought some important tips that are worth following:

  • The most recommended fabrics are 100% cotton. The prints and colors can vary according to your taste;
  • If you are not sure about choosing the prints, you can choose to choose a main fabric and then add prints that have similar colors to the first fabric chosen;
  • Wash fabrics before using them;
  • For filling you can use blankets. If you are making smaller pieces, use acrylic. Whant to do a larger piece? The most used is cotton.
Quilted Bag – Diagram

Now that you know the tips for choosing the best materials, it’s time to start the bag. You can find the complete pattern, with all the diagrams, at All People Quilt. This design belongs to Kristyne Czepuryk. It’s quilting time!

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