Journeys Fat Quarter Quilt for Christmas

Hey loves! Ready to start another week together with us? We have a lot of beautiful patterns that our team has put together. We want to share them with you. I already let you know that we get into the Christmas mood here. We know we’re not past halloween yet, but it’s impossible not to feel the Christmas mood approaching. And if you think that the decoration is only in the living room, in the kitchen, in the entrance hall, Journeys Fat Quarter Quilt for Christmas will prove you otherwise. 

Christmas is one of the most awaited dates for many people. Even those who are not fans of the date, realize the different feeling that takes over everyone. These are those days that we set aside to rest, slow down the pace of work and enjoy good days close to those we love. That’s why when we receive people in our house, we are so excited to decorate the whole house. Leaving everything in the chosen theme. 

And we often forget that we can decorate the room with a beautiful Christmas quilt too. Quilts are already part of our daily lives and we cannot take them out of the picture at such an important time as Christmas. In today’s pattern, the idea is to stretch it on the bed and match the rest of the home decor. But you already know that these pieces are not restricted to a room. The quilts look beautiful in the living room too, whether on the sofa or in an armchair in the corner of the environment. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Carried Away Quilting

The quilt pattern is traditional, it doesn’t have Christmas cutouts. What changes is the print of the fabrics that we choose. You can see that the theme is very discreet, there are small cuts and most of the quilt is plain. Regardless of color, keep this contrast between the fabrics and take the opportunity to add the theme to the piece in the details. 

Because they are small clippings, we always recommend taking a look at the scrap box you have lying around. We often find prints that combine very well with the quilt and so you can save and reuse leftover scraps. Shall we quilt? The journeys fat quarter quilt for christmas pattern is available at Carried Away Quilting. Take advantage of this idea to get in the Christmas mood. Come tell us what you think here in the comments. 

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