Star Quilt Block

Star Quilt Block is a beautiful block model that has a very beautiful and stylish effect. Any work done with this beautiful block will give a special touch to decor and sophistication too, believe me. The delicacy of this work can compose several pieces such as quilts, bags and much more, the block of infinite options. Incredible and very delicate drawing attention for its beauty.

These quilt blocks are very beautiful and give a beautiful touch to any piece you want to compose. This type of work has attracted attention and in the most diverse types of drawings it has been a great success and enchanted everyone with its incredible possibilities.

This is a quilt that can be made easily and that when joining the pieces gives an incredible result. This type of work is highly valued because it requires dedication and patience when making the pieces, but in the end it has an incredible result.

Star Quilt Block

Tutorial / Pattern / Images: Bonjour Quilts

Star block color options:

There are a few ways you can play with this block. You can make it totally scrappy, with both star and background fabrics. Or you can keep to a single fabric for one of them and scrappy for the other. And of course, you need to decide whether you want your darker fabrics in the star or in that middle ring area.

Once you’ve had a think about your color scheme and you’ve collected your scraps (orphaned HST blocks) you’ll be ready to start!

Scrappy Star Quilt Block Instructions:

These instructions will yield one scrappy star block that finishes at 9 ″ square. (So ​​it’ll be 9 ″ when it’s sewn into a quilt, but will measure 9½ ”square unfinished.)

Cutting Instructions:

These instructions are for sewing the star quilt block from scratch. If you already have 2 ″ HSTs from another project, substitute them in appropriately.

Each block has a star fabric (in the center and around the edges) and a background fabric.



This block is beautiful and incredible, super simple to do, wha helps even more because you can make a lot of them to use in different pieces. The Star Quilt Block is a piece that will leave you amazed because of it’s colors and it’s easy to do pattern.

Shall we make this beautiful The Star Quilt Block? It is very easy to do, just separate your materials and your tools so that you can follow the tutorial while performing the process, so everything is easier and you do not make mistakes when making the piece !!

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