Square Scramble Table Runner Pattern

If you like to prepare treats for your home to be more beautiful and cozier, you may have already seen that the table rail is a great decoration option, even more this beautiful pattern that we brought you, the Square Scramble. The rail, which is nothing more than a strip of fabric positioned on the table to house places for a meal facing each other, is charming.

Leaves the table set effortlessly and best of all, it’s super easy to do! Check out the step by step and make yours too! The good thing about these handmade pieces is that, in addition to being beautiful, you can make them with the fabrics, colors and prints you prefer. The pattern serves to instruct you how to make it and the colors of the pattern are a base, the artisan’s choices.

If you fell in love with the table rail and want to do the same, feel free. Do you like more vibrant colors? No problem, do it with the colors that you like the most and match your environment. Despite being called a table runner, the piece can be used on sideboards in the hall, bedroom, bathroom. Anyway, a multitude of options, let your creativity work.

Square Scramble Table Runner

A well-arranged table demonstrates all the care you had to prepare that meal. Everyone at the table will notice your love and will enjoy beautiful moments around the table. This pattern was design by Kate Colleran. In addition to making the entire pattern available for free, instructions are also provided for matching place mats.

Square Scramble is an easy to make and cut template. The necessary shapes are squares and rectangles, straight and fast shapes. The materials are also basic. If you already do patchwork and have some scraps of fabric, you can include it in the design.

The finished runner, designed by Kate Colleran, is 14 1/2″ × 50 1/2″. The place measures 14 1/2″ × 19 1/2″. You can check the pattern at All People Quilt.

Place mats – Square Scramble

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