Quilted Tote Bag – Free Pattern

Hi loves! How is your week going? Much to do there? We hope it’s that hot rush, always with a little time to rest, whether in the middle of activities or at the end of the day. Not to freak out, how about learning a new craft? A pattern that can be very useful in your day to day is the Quilted Tote Bag, after all, no one can resist a beautiful bag like this.

This pattern allows a variation of colors and prints, everything to leave the way you prefer. The bag is a great size, perfect for carrying everything you need. It could be the bag you will use to carry your computer, notebook. You can use it to take gym clothes, children’s toys. If you prefer to carry everything separately, there are several necessary items in the bag, so it is easier to find something specific.

It’s a great option to sell and you can start offering it to people close to you. Make yours and after they see you using it, you’ll see how the questions start and soon you’ll have orders. You can also gift a dear friend with the quilted tote bag, I’m sure she will love it. Take the opportunity to choose colors that she likes and complete the pattern with prints that match.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Suzy Quilts

In the small cutouts you can use some scraps left over from another project. If in doubt about the combination, assemble the pattern as the designer did before starting to sew. So if you want to change your position or think it didn’t work out, you don’t have to undo it. Come check out the quilted tote bag pattern with us.

It is available at Suzy Quilts, with all the step by step, sizes, fabric suggestions and cutting and sewing tips. Did you like it? We thought this model was very beautiful and we were looking forward to sharing it with you. Do you already know who you’re going to do it for? Tell us your ideas here in the comments. We are very happy to have your feedback and your company. Let’s quilt!

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