Mail Organizer – Wall Quilt Pattern

Keep your desk organized with a handy letter and stationery holder with this Mail Organizer. With the rush of everyday life, it’s always good to have an organizer with the utensils we use the most always on hand. If you do crafts as a hobby, you can use the organizer for personal use, as a gift to loved ones or even as a souvenir on special occasions.

Those who produce handicrafts for sale know very well how successful these practical and decorative items are. In addition to making your day to day more organized, you also renew the decor around where it is positioning. The organizer is a versatile piece. You can adapt the pocket sizes to organize whatever interests you. It can be an option in the children’s room to store small toys or books.

You can put it in the office to organize all the notebooks that we always need. As for colors, choose the ones that best match your decor. For the little ones, bright colors, fun prints are always well received. You can even encourage them to keep everything organized. In more serious environments, opt for more sober tones. Gray is always a great choice and goes with many other colors.

Mail Organizer – Wall Quilt

Mail Organizer Pattern

This pattern was inspired by a design created by Katie Rosa. When you’re done, you’ll have a piece measuring 15-1/2 ×26″. Let’s talk about what materials you will need:

  • 5/8 yard tan linen (envelopes);
  • 1/4 yard purple linen (envelopes);
  • 1 yard gray linen (envelopes, organizer front, backing, binding);
  • 15-1/2×26″ batting.
Mail Organizer Diagram

The suggested colors are those used in the pattern. If it doesn’t match your decor or isn’t what you want, just change it. The first step is to separate all the necessary materials. Once you see that you already have everything you need, it’s time to cut the fabrics. You will cut them according to the pattern steps. All of it is available in All People Quilt. Time to get everything organized, it’s quilting time!

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