Quilted Storage Basket Pattern

Trying to keep things organized at home can be quite a challenge, and to help you with this task, we brought you the Quilted Storage Basket. It is a very versatile item. You can use it to organize the baby’s room, children’s toys, organize the bathroom and more. It’s a cheap and uncomplicated alternative to storing objects usually without a reserved place. With a few simple models of organizing baskets, you can, for example, store that bedding set.

As well as your children’s toys and even smaller items, such as bed, table and bath pieces, underwear, personal hygiene products and much more. In other words, betting on an organizing basket is something that is always worth it, and the justification for this lies in its great versatility. The fabric organizer basket is a model that has its advantages, such as the fact that it adapts to formats.

However, the question that remains has to do with what you should store in an organizing basket of this type, given that there are many options. In general, the answer is only one: everything that is safe for the material that you will use. Clothes, toys and even jewelry can be used. You need to be aware of items that can be sharp enough to rip the organizer basket and throw your money away.

Quilted Storage Basket

Quilted Basket Pattern

The design of this pattern is by Minki Kim and in the end you will have a 12×12×12 basket”. The materials needed to make the basket are as follows:

Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42″ of usable fabric width.

  • 1-1/4 yard total assorted prints in blue, black, brown, gray, cream, and white (basket body);
  • 1 yard dark gray print (basket body, lining, binding);
  • 36×58″rectangle foam stabilizer (We used ByAnnie’s Soft & Stable.).

Colors and prints are just suggestions. If you want to do it in other colors, feel free. As for the measurements, if you want to make a bigger or smaller basket, it’s easy, just adapt the measurements.

Shapes, diagrams, cutting and assembly instructions are available at All People Quilt. Take advantage as it is available for free. Shall we organize everything in a charming way? It’s quilting time!

Basket Diagram

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