Jelly Glazed Hearts Tablerunner – Quilt Pattern

Here goes another beginner-friendly pattern, the beautiful Jelly Glazed Hearts tablerunner. The complete pattern is made with four hearts formed from strips of fabric sewn together. It’s a great pattern to use strips of fabric you already have. The combination of colors and prints is your choice.

If you like brighter colors, take a chance on these and make a tablerunner that captures all the attention of the environment. If you want a more discreet piece, opt for pastel tones, it will look beautiful too. In the photos you can see that the background can be light, making the hearts stand out. It’s a great gift option for mother’s day or sale option for commemorative dates too.

Giving gifts to dear friends always makes us happier and those who receive will love to make the house more decorated, full of love. Despite being called a tabelrunner, you can use this piece in other rooms of the house, it is a very versatile piece. The finished size is 19 1/2” x 68 1/2”. With the complete pattern you will see that it is possible to change the size of the piece by making some changes, they are not difficult.

Jelly Glazed Hearts Tablerunner

You can use this decoration piece to replace the tablecloth and manages to integrate perfectly in a lunch or dinner presentation on a beautiful table set. The best thing is that the item works well on different table formats, whether they are round, square or rectangular. In addition to combining with the dining room on a daily basis, the tablerunners are an absolute success for decorating parties and events at home.


The tablerunner is great as a support for table centerpieces. Highlighting decorative objects such as flower pots, ensuring a more creative air to the environment. In addition to tables, you can use the item on sideboards, countertops, buffets and coffee tables. Let’s start? The complete pattern is available on The Jolly Jabber, along with the tutorial video. We hope you love it, get inspires, and make beautiful tablerunners!


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