Fly With Me – Mini Quilt Pattern

Hi loves! Always looking for new techniques and patterns, today we brought the Fly With Me. This pattern is partially paper pieced, a model that we haven’t brought here for some time. If you haven’t already, it’s super easy. It’s basically printing the template and sewing the fabric scraps according to the design.

Rachel Rossi explains this technique. “To paper piece, you’ll start by printing out templates. It’s helpful to think of the printed side of the template as the “wrong side” and the empty side as the “right side” of a fabric (like when you are sewing two pieces of fabric together). Templates come numbered. These numbers are similar to a paint-by-numbers kit”.

You’ll start with 1 and work your way up from there. Each line on the template represents where the seam will be. So, after stitching your pieces together (and pressing in between each seam) you’ll have a finished block with the seams sandwiched between the paper and the fabric block! It’s a really interesting quilting technique.

Fly With Me – Mini Quilt

You can use this pattern as a decorative item, a great gift option for friends who love to travel. The model is very colorful and full of life. The materials are pretty basic: a printer and paper, scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat, coordinating thread. In The Creative Blog, Rashida does the parts separately and explains everything in detail.

You can find the template available on the website as well, for printing. Always great to see you here, learning new techniques and new patterns to beautify your home, present dear friends, sell. I love making these patterns and knowing you guys are here with us just motivates us to come back with beautiful patterns. We hope you enjoyed Fly With Me, a lively pattern. Tell us what you think and leave your suggestions. We really appreciate your feedback. Until the next quilting project!
Fly With Me Template

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