Crochet 3D V Stitch

Hey everyone, nice to meet you here. I am happy to have your company and to be able to share what we learn makes us even more inspired. Our team uses handicrafts as a form of therapy, spending time doing what we like. And if you are also like this, stay here with us.

Crochet 3D V Stitch. Much of the variety that crochet gives us is due to the amount of stitches we can create. In addition to being a relaxing activity, you can make any piece for your home, such as rugs, coasters, sofa and bed blankets, pillows. Just use a little creativity.

Crochet is a very old and traditional art among artisans. But even so, there are always new ones interested in learning how to do this wonderful craft. Even though it looks complicated, crochet can be amazing. However, what else comes up when we are learning something? Questions, of course.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Naztazia

Many people like to learn the stitches separately, without being a big project. You can do this too. I have several samples with the recipe for each one of them together. So every time I have a different idea, I look for a stitch that will fit and start crocheting. The main idea is this, that it is always a relaxing process.

The 3D V stitch crochet, as the name implies, has a very incredible texture. The relief is real, it is very noticeable. With this stitch I have already made beautiful blankets and scarves. You can mix the colors in the rounds, make different tones creating a beautiful gradient. Very thick yarns don’t let the details so evident. You can always test with yarn, do a few rounds first. If you need, you can always make it again. Come on, let’s crochet.

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