Succulent Shelf Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! If you love plants and quilts like we do, here’s the perfect pattern for you to start making today, the succulent shelf. It’s such a beautiful pattern, full of details that make a difference and make the piece more charming. Each succulent pot is made separately, so you can customize and make it your own.

You can make the same succulent more than once in the same piece, change the shades of green, add flowers. In addition to learning this piece, you can use the succulent pattern to make other quilts, cushion covers, use as appliqués on bags, aprons. The pattern colors are classic and easy to match with various environments.

Many people like to use it as a table runner, center piece, hanging on the wall, it’s your preference. The pattern has a template as a reference for you to print and use as a guide for making the succulent. Take the opportunity to use your creativity when combining the colors of the succulents with the vases. The most used for succulents are shades of green.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Material Girl Quilts

Vary the tones on the same plant, it looks very beautiful. Use colors in the pots that emphasize the succulents. The pattern border can be made any size you want. It is the fastest way to change the part size. If you want a larger piece, increase the border size. So you don’t have to make changes to the size of the succulents, much easier.

The complete succulent shelf pattern is available from Material Girl Quilts. There you have access to a list of materials, step by step, suggestions for colors and fabrics, measurements and tamplete. Hope you like it and start making this beautiful pattern. Don’t forget to tell us how it went and what you want to see here. Our stories inspire each other. Now, let’s quilt!

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