The Morning Star Quilt Pattern

The pattern that we bring you today is the Morning Star. It’s another quilt model made in blocks. This beautiful model brings very vibrant colors on a black background that highlights even more the brightness of a star. But as the colors used are very characteristic of each one, so feel free to use more discreet colors if you like more.

It is a very beautiful model that harmonizes with various environments. The most classic use of bedspreads is in the bedroom, on top of the beds. But it’s a great option to use them in the living room too, on the sofa. We have some tips that might help you. If you are going to use a pen or pencil to make marks on the fabric, always do it on the back of the print.

Whenever you use strong colors, wash the fabrics before making the piece. The coloring can loosen and stain other, weaker colors on your quilt. Cut out all the pieces first before starting the sewing part. With all the pieces cut, mount the block design on a smooth surface, see if all the colored colors match, if it really is the way you expect. With all this done, all that remains is to sew and make the necessary finishes on your quilt. Everyone will fall in love with this piece, just like us.

Morning Star Quilt

Morning Star Pattern

To do this quilt, you will need some basic materials:

- Scissors- Measuring Tape- Iron- 1 roll x 2½” Print Fabric Strips (Jelly Rolls)- 3 yards x Background Fabric- ½ yard x Quilt Fabric for Binding- 3 ¾ yards x Quilt Backing Fabric
At the end, the block will measure 20". Putting nine blocks together, your quilt will measure 60"x60". The pattern is available from the Missouri Star. If you prefer, we also brought the video to accompany you step by step.

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