Spinning Star Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! We hope to find you all well. We are so happy to have you here in this space that we do with great affection to share the best patterns with you. Knowing that you remember us, looking for us to learn is very gratifying. Now, shall we quilt? The Spinning Star Quilt is beautiful, a model that you can and should adapt in different pieces. This pattern always mixes more than one color, but you can just vary the tones as well.

Anyway, her design is always the highlight of the piece. You can see that the star forms from overlapping blocks. Looking at the photos of the finished pattern, the image has a certain 3d effect, an optical illusion that looks very nice. In the pattern, you will learn how to make the star and you can use it freely, as a table topper, sew in a quilt, place it in the center of the piece.

There will be lots of ideas out there, we’re sure. While sewing, press as you go and use spray starch. It makes piecing so much easier. As for the measurements, following the quantity and the step by step of the pattern you will have a star of approximately 34 inches x 34 inches.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial:

We separate the list and quantity of fabrics you will need:

  • 4 different fabrics – Cut 5 x 2 inch strips across the width of the fabric from each of the fabrics;
  • Binding – 120 X 2 ½ inches (3 x width of fabric);
  • Backing – 37 inches x 37 inches;
  • Batting – 37 inches x 37 inches (I used a thin pelon).

It is essential that you are accurate with your piecing. Stitch 4 x 2 inch scrap strips together, press and measure. They should measure 6 ½ inches in width. Adjust your seam allowance if necessary by moving your needle position. One word of advice, the resulting discard blocks have edge sections that are cut on the bias, they will stretch, so if you have to unpick a block and take it out of your quilt it is best to it and replace it with a complete new one. If you wish you may press, not iron your pieces before assembling each block with a good ironing aid product. Shall we quilt? The spinning star quilt pattern is available at .

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