River Walk Crochet Duster – Free Pattern

Hi my loves, welcome once again to Instaquilting. Here you will find a lot of beautiful things, made with different techniques and always with step by step to guide you. This makes crafting easier. Nowadays we see crafts everywhere. It’s incredible how manual techniques have become popular and occupy all spaces.

Be it decorative pieces, clothing, accessories, handicrafts can go from the simple to the most elegant. And if you, like us, love to make art in your spare time, stay until the end to learn one more pattern. The River Walk Crochet Duster is a cardigan model, very beautiful and elegant. It’s not that outfit you wear in the harsh winter. It is a complement to your look, in a light and casual piece.

It looks very pretty with dresses, jeans, leggings. It’s an infinity of combinations that we can risk, always keeping the elegance. The crochet cardigan is a piece that cannot be missing as an option in women’s closets and closets. Despite being a piece most used in the cold, crochet allows for a more open weave for warmer days.

River Walk Crochet Duster // I Like Crochet

This item is extremely versatile and crochet only enhances this characteristic, allowing for many different weaves and textures. A lot of this comes from the yarn that we are going to choose for this project. In the pattern you will always find the indication, the yarn that was chosen for the item. If you want it to look similar, look for the same yarn.

Sometimes we can’t find the same brand, but there’s always something similar that can replace it. Crochet requires few materials, but they are very important. The yarns make all the difference. The difference in thickness directly interferes with the result. To make the river walk crochet duster the most suitable yarns are the thinnest.

Yarns that are too thick will make your cardigan heavier and the design will look a little different. Anyway, it’s always worth testing. If you have a yarn out there and you want to try it out, if you have a craft that allows you to do this, it’s crocheting. Crochet without fear, anything we break up and start over.

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