Firework Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey dears! It’s time to start making beautiful crafts to make the environments we live in even more beautiful and colorful. We are very excited to share yet another amazing pattern with you, like the Firework Quilt. Before we start quilting, let’s talk? How is everything there? Are you managing to take time to practice being crafts? We hope you were able to make beautiful quilts and want to start making this beautiful model together with us.

The quilts are incredible and the different models make each project even more special. If you haven’t made any quilts yet, here is the opportunity to learn a beautiful pattern together with us. The pattern we separated is very detailed, with photos, graphics and each step very well described. The quilt layout of the blocks is shown here as a side by side setting and the different color placement encourages a secondary design to emerge.

By swapping up the placement of the fabrics used, you can create three distinct variations. This then contributes to a striking quilt design. This quilt is also made in blocks and you can see that the pattern repeats itself. The difference is due to the colors and positions that each one occupies in the drawing. The cool thing about these blocks is that you can use the same design in different pieces.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Patchwork Square

In addition to the quilt, how about having matching pillows? You can use the same prints and colors, it will look amazing. This pattern shows a lot of geometrical figures and, the way they are assembled, gives the impression of seeing fireworks. The dark background contrasts with the lighter colored fabrics and further highlights the geometric shapes of the pattern.

Ready to quilt? Accessing Patchwork Square, you will have access to the entire firework quilt step by step, in addition to the graphics and cutting and sewing instructions. Read it for the first time, understand the step by step and start separating your materials. Whether for you, for sale or as a gift, this quilt is very beautiful and is a guarantee of success.

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