Baby Dresden Block Quilt – Free Pattern

Come check out this beautiful quilt pattern, the Baby Dresden Block Quilt. This quilt is very delicate and charming. You can see that the details of the bedspread are not big, but full of charm. It may look like appliqués, but it’s not. To make this quilt you will make blocks, one by one, individually, and in the end you sew them all together to assemble the quilt.

The cool thing about patterns like this is that, as much as you keep the pattern of the details, when assembling, you can place them in a line, randomly. These quilts are very classic and easy to harmonize with in the environments. As the quilt background is the majority, choose colors that are more classic, that match most colors.

In the details, take the opportunity to dare in the colors and details you want to add. That way you can draw full attention to the work you’ve done. You can use quilts on beds, in bedrooms. You can fold it and leave it on the edge of the bed, it’s a knockout. But not only in bedrooms, you can use wherever you want, not only in this environment.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Sew Can She

Use it in the living room, position it in the armchair, it will look beautiful. As the details are small, if you have any scraps of fabric left over from another project, take the opportunity to use them. Even if they are small, wash the fabrics before sewing on the blocks so you don’t run the risk of staining other colors and prints.

The complete pattern baby dresden block quilt is available from Sew Can She. There you have everything you need in a very didactic way. List of materials, measurements for cutting, diagrams and tips to help you. It’s always great to be able to bring patterns so you can make either to decorate the house or to sell. Don’t forget to comment, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s quilt?

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