Bunny Quartet Mini Quilt Pattern

Easter is still a few weeks away and the time to start preparing is now with this Bunny Quartet Mini Quilt. All special dates deserve a different decoration. With that in mind, we brought the pattern of four friendly bunnies that will make a difference in the environment. Because it has a rectangular shape, you can use the mini quilt as a table rail, sideboard.

If you are like us and like to decorate the wall, enjoy and use this mini quilt. The colors chosen vary with the taste of each one. This pattern is all done in pastel tones. These colors give a more discreet touch to the piece, making it easier to match different environments. To assemble the pattern, you will make four separate bunnies that are then sewn together to assemble the rail.

If you want to change the size of the part, it’s very easy. You can increase or decrease the number of rabbits and that’s it. You’ll have a mini quilt the size you want. If you’re going to make the bottom of the piece clear, don’t forget to wash the fabrics before you start cutting. Even though all the tones are light, with the white background, any excess paint can stain the mini quilt.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Moda Fabrics

The pattern is available from Moda Fabrics. There you will find all measurements, tips, material suggestions, and step by step. The list of materials is also available, but I can already tell you that they are the basics, necessary in all quilt projects.

This mini quilt bunny quartet is a great gift option. After all, everyone wants to decorate their house with the most beautiful pieces. We are very happy to see you here, wanting to learn new patterns and items to decorate your home.

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