Quilted Couch Remote Control Organizer – Free Pattern

We always need organization items, something is always out of place, so we brought today’s pattern to help, Quilted Couch Remote Control Organizer. It’s easy to attach it to the sofa and its various compartments help you keep the room organized. It’s also a great way to always remember where you left your remote. Before the organizer, here at home it was always desperate, now we always know where to find him.

You can make bigger pockets to put magazines, tablets, cell phone charger. Everything you need to use is at your fingertips. As for the colors and prints, it’s personal taste. You can choose to make it the same color as the sofa. It will be very discreet, but still very useful. If you want to combine with other pieces, pillows, quilt, tablerunner, it’s a great idea too.

The materials are common to all quilts. Fabric, thread, sewing machine, fabric marking pen, wonderclips. I always like to remember that when you make the markings, do it on the wrong side of the fabric. If it smears, it won’t show when sewing. When choosing fabrics, wash them before using. This way you prevent a color or pattern from staining other fabrics.

Quilted Couch Remote Control Organizer

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Sew Can She

In addition, you also prevent the fabric from shrinking after sewing, keeping the seam of the piece straight. Cutting the piece is also easy, they are all straight. What can make sewing difficult is adding layers of fabric, one on top of the other, to make the pockets. But nothing too complicated, you’ll see that in the pattern. The measurements end up varying a lot from sofa to sofa.

Take the measurements of the arm of your sofa and cut the sizes that fit and secure the piece. You always ask for pieces like this that, in addition to being beautiful, are useful. Whether to decorate, to organize, they always have a use. To make this pattern, you can follow the steps available at Sew Can She.

All measurements and assembly instructions are available as well. Tell us what you think of this organizer, if it will be useful for you too and how it was done. We are always happy to know your opinion and to welcome you here, for us it is a pleasure and an honor!

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