Balsam Gnomes Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Ready to spend another week here with us? Our team has put together beautiful patterns and we look forward to sharing them all with you. Have you started to feel a different atmosphere around there too? Here we are already feeling Christmas coming and for you to feel it too, stay here with us and we will learn the Balsam Gnomes Quilt. 

Even people who are not very attached to these dates get infected with Christmas. It is one of the most awaited dates, both by commerce and families. It’s a time of reunion, expressing gratitude for everything conquered during the year. An opportunity to get closer to the people we love. One of the ways to show all our affection is by decorating our home and the handmade items appear with great prominence. 

You can not let the quilts out of that date. They are already part of the decoration of our home, making everything more cozy and well decorated. At Christmas, they gain thematic colors and prints and become even more special. During these days, you can and should use them to decorate common environments. Leave other quilts for the bedroom, the Christmas ones look beautiful in the living room. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Lake Girl Quilts

Whether on the sofa, in an armchair in the corner, they complement the decor and are still an option to snuggle up at the end of the day. The balsam gnomes quilt is a simple pattern. With straight cuts and simple stitching, you will be able to make it even if it is your first quilt. The step by step is very detailed, providing all the information you need. But to avoid mistakes, whether in cutting or sewing, read the pattern first before doing anything. Then separate the materials and start quilting. 

In addition to being beautiful, it can be a great option to gift a dear friend, nothing more suitable for the date. Themed pieces also sell very well and you can guarantee an extra income at the end of the year. Regardless of the goal, enjoy the time you set aside to quilt to relax, after all this is almost a therapy. Visit Lake Girl Quilts, to see the whole pattern and venture into this beautiful quilt. Don’t forget to tell us what you think here in the comments. Let’s make this Christmas amazing.

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