Pastel Crib Quilt – A Wonderful Pattern

Babies are the celebration of life and nothing better than leaving everything prepared and ready for their arrival, that’s why we brought you the Pastel Crib Quilt. A beautiful idea for you to make the baby’s room more cozy and charming, whether for you, to gift friends or to sell. The colors used in the pattern template are pastel tones that match almost any decor.

If you’re new to quilting and fell in love with this pattern, don’t worry, the pattern is for beginners. The crib is made entirely of rectangular shapes. Because it’s an easier pattern, you can even modify it. If you want to make wider, longer strips, just change it when cutting the scraps. The sewing and assembly process will remain the same.

Let’s talk about some tips that are important for all quilts. Once you’ve chosen the fabrics, which should be of good quality, it’s time to wash them. This is great for making sure different colored fabrics won’t stain. Next step is to iron the fabrics to remove wrinkles. You will see how it makes a difference when cutting the rectangles and assembling the pattern. It will prevent the fabrics from getting crooked when sewing.

Pastel Crib Quilt

Crib Quilt Materials

First you need to gather all the materials needed and make sure you have all the materials at your disposal. It is time to start your crib. Check what you need:

  • 1/3 yard 100% cotton fabric in 8 different rainbow shades for the smaller rectangles on front and stripes on back;
  • 1 yard 100% cotton fabric in warm white or preferred shade for the larger blocks;
  • crib quilt batting;
  • sewing machine;
  • 100% cotton thread;
  • straight pins;
  • cutting mat;
  • rotary cutter (optional but recommended);
  • acrylic or metal ruler;
  • scissors;
  • iron and ironing board.

Your fist step will be cutting off an 8″ x 35″ piece of fabric in each of the solid colors, except for your white and set aside. That will be the fabric you’ll use for the back of the quilt. Then cut the rest of your fabric into 2.25″ x 9″ rectangle pieces.

Crib Quilt – Supplies

To continue, see the complete pattern in A Beautiful Mess. The design is by Rachel Denbow and was made available for free.

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