Braided Twist Table Runner – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Good to have you here with us. We were very happy to have this space to share all these amazing crafts that different designers make available to us. Every time we bring a table runner here it’s always a success. It’s that classic piece that everyone loves. The Braided Twist Table Runner is an amazing model, very beautiful and different from other classic models of table runners.

This model brings a very sophisticated touch to the piece. Even more with the choice of colors and prints chosen by the designer. But you can do it with any other print, depending on the decor and colors you have in the environment. Also, have you ever thought about making a themed table runner? It’s the most beautiful thing to leave everything decorated on some special date.

It’s those moments that we like to dedicate ourselves to decoration and make everything beautiful to welcome all the people we love so much. Meal moments are always that moment of meeting. We get the whole family together and show all the affection we feel for them. It’s that moment of talking, telling the news, how our day was, and nothing better than having the table well set.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Shabby Fabrics

That’s why this piece is always so successful here. You can combine it with the other pieces that make up the table set, the cutlery, the bowls, the plates, it looks beautiful. Despite the name, many people use this same piece in other rooms as well. It looks perfect on the sideboard at the entrance to the house. You can put a beautiful flower vase in the center of the table runner, it will be perfect.

If you have doubts about the combination of prints, choose a simpler one and combine it with plain colors that are in the print. With practice we will expand our creativity and you will see how everything gets easier. The braided twist table runner pattern is available from Shabby Fabrics. It’s a complete video tutorial with all the instructions, step by step, materials list.

All there to guide you in this project. We advise you to read the pattern first before starting to cut and sew. It is easier to do and not make mistakes in the cut. Understanding the whole step by step gives you a sense of what comes next. Tell us what you think here in the comments. We will be very happy to see many table runners around, decorating your house and bringing even more beauty to the environment.

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