Quilted Pillow – A Simple Free Pattern

Hi! Welcome once again to our world of crafts, full of ideas for decorating items, such as Quilted Pillow. I love decorating environments with pillow, it’s the fastest and easiest way to change the decor of an environment. You can match the colors with other items in the environment, such as quilts, tablerunners, wall frames.

Combinations are very personal and allow for many variations. The number of pieces also varies from person to person. If you are going to use them to decorate the sofa, take into account the size of the furniture. I like to have several pieces of different sizes, it’s a different composition and very beautiful.

The pillows are very comfortable and everyone likes to be comfortable everyone likes to snuggle up, whether it’s in the middle of a movie, at the end of the day. As with other quilt patterns, you don’t need a lot of fabric. The cost of the part is cheap and the added value is very high. If you already make quilts, there are always some pieces left over. Take the opportunity to recycle and use these fabrics, buy the amount you need matching the prints you already have.

Quilted Pillow

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Diary of a Quilter

The result will be the same, a charming quilted pillow. The good thing about this piece is that you can make several pillows covers. Just change it according to the decoration you want to propose. A great tip for selling or gifting dear friends is to assemble kits with some covers of the same pattern. So, whoever wins already has the decoration of several pieces ready.

This pattern is a very simple cut and sew pattern. It’s triangles that assemble this pattern. That’s why the combination of colors and prints makes all the difference. The complete pattern is available in Diary of a Quilter. There you will find tips, measurements and suggestions for prints used in the pattern, in addition to the traditional step by step, to guide you throughout the process.

We love having you here and are happy to bring you patterns that make a difference, whether to decorate your home, to sell, or to give as a gift. Comment here what you think and if you want to leave suggestions, we are always reading to bring them. Now, let’s quilt!

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