Squared Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! How is your weekend going? We hope you are enjoying it, whether to relax, spend time with special people or learn new patterns with us. Here we are always looking for and testing patterns to share with you. Thinking about who wants to learn to quilt, let’s learn the Squared Quilt. This quilt is very beautiful, it has a combination of colors and prints that makes everything even more beautiful.

Quilts come in many different sizes and designs. The combinations of colors and prints are what make them unique. You can think about the environment in which you want to decorate with the quilt and make the quilt with the colors that are in the room. The most common use is in bedrooms, decorating the bed and making the environment more cozy. In the living room it also gains a lot of prominence, whether on the sofa, in the armchair or in a basket, ready for you to use.

After all, who doesn’t like having a quilt to snuggle up to watching a movie, reading a book or drinking coffee? It’s a beautiful gift to give to a dear person, think about the colors she likes. You can also make it to complete the baby’s trousseau, you can sell it or make it yourself. This quilt is for beginners because the cutouts are easy to make, squares and strips, the pieces are large, which makes the process faster.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Suzy Quilts

A tip that we always like to follow is to wash the fabrics before starting to cut. Colored fabrics can be overly dyed and stain others. In addition, many will shrink after washing, which can warp the final shape of your quilt. Wash and iron fabrics leaving them straight for easier marking, cutting and sewing. You will find the complete squared quilt pattern at suzy quilts.

You can download the pdf of the pattern and have it whenever you need to clear up any doubts. The measurements are there too, but if you need to change the size it’s pretty easy. Because it is made in blocks, you need to increase or decrease the number of blocks, to have the quilt in the size you need. Choose your fabrics, make the decorations you like the most and let’s quilt!

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