Crochet Ribbon Stitch

Hi dear colleagues, what a pleasure to have you here with us. Our team, here at Instaquilting, is always looking for new patterns. In addition to the tests, being able to share with you and have your feedback is really cool. One of the favorite techniques around here is crocheting, and we love crocheting. So let’s stick with that technique today.

Crochet is very versatile. This technique is old and is becoming more and more popular. She has an affectionate touch. Many people learned from their mothers, grandmothers and you continue to perpetuate this beautiful handicraft. With more people crocheting, more ideas arise and so we have the creation of new patterns and our community only benefits.

A lot of that versatility comes from the stitches. The different crochet stitches make your craft work even more beautiful. A crochet stitch doesn’t have to be difficult to make for it to look beautiful after the time spent making it, it just needs to be done in an innovative way, in a different pattern.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Naztazia

The Crochet Ribbon Stitch is beautiful on its own and you can make it colorful if you like. The rounds are superimposed on each other, which makes this overlapping effect. It reminds me a lot of a tape passer, a detail that we add to a piece. But here you don’t need ribbon, it’s all crocheted.

You need at least two colors to get an effect similar to the photos. If you opt for a color, you won’t see this difference, but you’ll still get the relief in each round. If you choose a very beautiful crochet line, your work will reach very high levels of beauty and differentiation.

Invest in the best in every sector of your life, even when crocheting. And take that time for yourself. Don’t compare your crocheting speed with others, enjoy this moment. Tell me if you think about crocheting something with ribbon stitch, I want to know.

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