Crochet Wedding Umbrella

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Crochet Wedding Umbrella. The variety of pieces we can create with crochet is incredible and never ceases to amaze me. Do you also have this impression? Just when we think there’s nothing left, a new item appears. That was my reaction when I found the crochet wedding umbrella.

A very delicate, beautiful piece that looks beautiful to use in weddings. This is the main function you will find, as a decorative item for events. From weddings to birthday parties, depending on the context, the crochet umbrella matches the environment and makes everything even more elegant.

Crochet Wedding Umbrella Pattern // The Crochet Crowd

Other decoration options can also be explored with this piece. Whether in the corner of a room, displayed on a wall, elegance will be there. When we talk about crochet, you know that you will hardly need very different materials. Here you will need an umbrella, it can be old, that has a hole and is already ready for disposal. What we need to be in one piece is the umbrella frame.

You can make it in any color you like. The white color matched the occasion, a wedding. But the colored models are also amazing. We separate a complete pattern for you, with the description of the rounds and the video tutorial, if you prefer. Anyway, read it a first time before anything else, then just choose the materials and crochet. I hope you like it, enjoy this recipe. We’ll be back soon to share new patterns with you.

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