Crochet Knot Square Pattern

Hi everyone, good to see you here. Another month is starting and having you here with us is really cool. Here at Instaquilting you will find new ideas, patterns and tips to complete beautiful projects. How about we change a little technique? We have some crochet patterns to share with you, stay here with us.

The variety of crochet items and stitches still amazes me. This feeling of always having something new to learn motivates me, makes me even more inspired. Are you like that too? That’s why I found Crochet Knot Square to be the best. A very different model in which we overlap colors and rounds, which is very incredible.

Here you can take a chance on different colors or shades. The important thing is to keep the difference between them to make it even more evident. With crochet squares we have a world of possibilities. They alone can be used as coasters, pot holders. And by joining them you can make bags, clothes, table runners, blankets.

Image/ Pattern / Tutorial: Crochet Yarn

You may know it as celtic knot square, the step by step is the same. We separate the video tutorial and the pattern for you to follow. Each person prefers to learn in a way, so we brought everything we think. If you like the videos, as I do, watch them first before starting.

The materials are the basics we need for all crochet projects: yarn, scissors and a crochet hook. Squares like this are perfect for those just starting out and don’t want to get bogged down in a very large project. Take the opportunity to break it down and do it more than once, if you find it necessary. Let’s start? Come check out the pattern and don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments.

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